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The rooms here at Hyde Park Suites are as comfortable as can be. You'll feel at home in our executive suites, filled with the best linens and draperies available. All of our rooms are quiet, cozy, and private, complete with a fantastic view of the London cityscape. Whether you're on vacation or just passing through, you won't want to leave once you get your room key. That's how amazing Hyde Park Suites are.

Guest Reviews

Bonnie Barker
Have you ever stayed at a hotel that you just didn't want to leave? That is how I felt at Hyde Park. I was blown away with how spacious my room was. It felt like a small apartment. I also loved how clean everything was, down to the sparkling white towels in the bathroom. It got a huge TV with tons of channels to watch, as well as free Wi-Fi and room service. From the pool to the view and beyond, I can't think of anything worth complaining about. If you want a true taste of London, you can get it with Hyde Park Suites. I know I certainly enjoyed it.

Dr. Roger Merill, MD
I had to come to London from the states last year because of a large medical convention I was attending. There were several hotels to choose from around the convention center, and a friend of mine from London recommended Hyde Park Suites. I had my wife book a room for me online, and then I arrived as planned for the convention. I've stayed in a lot of nice hotels over the years, and I have to admit that this one was probably my favorite. I'm not sure if it was the room service menu, the atmosphere, or the stunning view of London that got me hooked, but I was really happy with what I got out of my suite. In fact, I liked the place so much that I am already planning a vacation with my wife there this coming winter. She just doesn't know it yet. From my experience though, I know she will be pleasantly surprised.

Sierra Fogel
I went to London for a forensic science internship program this summer as part of my college curriculum. I'm not sure how I ended up in Hyde Park Suites for a few nights, but it had something to do with a delay in getting my apartment ready. During the week or so I spent there, I felt really honored to have a chance to learn in London and see all of the amazing things it had to offer. Some of the staff members told me about cool stores to go to and restaurants to try out, so I did all of that when I wasn't working in the lab. The people I interned under all said they wished they had a chance to stay at Hyde Park, but they obviously had no need to since they lived in the same town. I invited them all to see my room, and they were shocked by how big it was. Once I had to leave because my apartment was ready, I really missed the 24 hour service and speedy-quick cleaners that took care of me there. Hopefully something else goes wrong next time I come down so I have an excuse to stay at the hotel.

Jonathan Whitby
My brother moved from the UK several years ago to be a professor in the United States. He still comes back home once every few years, and when he does, we all try to pitch in to get him a really nice hotel room. This year we put him in Hyde Park Suites because it is somewhere he has always wanted to go. We made sure to get him the best suite at the hotel, and he was really surprised when we told him about it. From the time I spent in the room, I was stunned by how luxurious it was. Everything from the linens to the flooring dripped with beauty and expense. I kind of wish I had stayed with my brother for a night or two, just to see how great it really was. He blabbed on and on about it for weeks after he went back to the states, so I know he had a good time. If you want the finest hotel room money can buy in London, Hyde Park should have something for you.

Gennie Sanford
I hate staying at hotels because they always seem so stuffy. The cheap ones are usually run down, and the pricey ones are too ritsy-titsy for me. I had to be in London for two weeks straight because of a family member who was scheduled to have a baby. During that time, I sucked it up and got a room at Hyde Park Suites. To my surprise, it didn't feel stuffy in the slightest. It was actually quite cozy. I loved the way everything was decorated, and the people working there made me feel like family. I even got to meet a new friend in the lobby who happened to like the sports team I had on my shirt. Guess I don't hate hotels so much after all!

Corey French
I love love love love love Hyde Park Suites in London. I have been there three times so far with my fiancÚ because her family lives in London. Her father usually pays the bill, so I can't talk about the cost of the place. From what I've seen, it's worth whatever they might be asking for the rooms. Check it out some time and I bet you'll love it. I sure do!